Anoucka, a Romanian luxury brand seen in Vogue, Elle and Forbes!

Make their dreams
come true…

Make their dreams
come true…

Make their dreams
come true…


An exclusive, limited edition line of dresses that will make every little girl look like royalty. The premium materials, unique models and huge passion for fashion were mixed into a magic potion.

This potion is our secret ingredient that we use on every single one of our novel products, whose purpose is that whoever is wearing it, will look and be treated like a royal princess.

Anoucka Clothes
Anoucka Headbands


As we know, every princess has her crown. And because we truly believe that a princess is unique, our headbands are also. But here’s a little secret – every Anoucka headband is like a little magical charm that when is put on, it will take you on a pink and sparkle journey of limitless imagination.

It will boost creativity, happiness and make the little Royal Highness feel like everything in the world is possible.


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak – but can you create a style without accessories? Of course not!

That’s why we created an exquisite collection of comfortable and unique accessories, made to add a little extra fairy dust in the day to day life of your little princess.


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Make your little princess famous using the #myanoucka hashtag on Instagram!

We value all the little angels and princesses who are a part of our brand. That’s why we want to show the entire world that Anoucka adds a special, custom touch to all the creations worn by the most beautiful little girls from every country.