Anoucka, a Romanian luxury brand seen in Vogue, Elle and Forbes!


“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million”, someone said. We believe that every little girl must see just beautiful wonders – starting with seeing herself.

That is why we founded Anoucka The Brand – an exclusive line of clothes based on limited edition items inspired by Spanish royalty. They are all made from Romanian passion mixed with even more fiery Latin elegance, only from premium materials, that are equally comfortable and exquisite.

Made especially for distinguished girls, whose parents deeply appreciate luxuriant, unique and creative clothes, Anoucka The Brand brand turns every single little girl into a modern princess. Step by step, you will engage in a magic Universe driven only by enchanted creations that are like no others. Because your little girl is like no other.

Being a child is an adventure. Why not discover the world’s wonders in a beautiful dress, wearing an adorable headband or hair clip? Going straight to a land of fantasy, castles, rainbows and unicorns where your princess is the main character. Her purpose? To live happily ever after.

Anoucka The Brand stands for high quality, fashionable royalty-like clothes that your little girl will love. We’re passionate, confident and proud – statements that are reflected in every one of our custom-made limited-edition products and also on the little girl who is wearing them.

Our vision is to build a clothing brand like no other and to engage Anoucka in a sensory journey around the world, starting from where the creative inspiration was born: from the orange scented streets of Madrid, from those districts in which the artistic luxury is a normality and a condition for a wonderful childhood.

We have the concept, the brand, the insatiable thirst for fashion, the story and the courage to mix them all up and transmit them, creation by creation, till we will reach international ascension.

Will you join us in this adventure? 🙂


Short Brand Disclaimer:

The Anoucka brand has grown like a child does and has reached the emotional maturity which allows it to overcome all the barriers of time and space, in its journey to conquer the hearts of parents and children all around the globe. Although born as an idea in Romania, the brand continues to create unique and high-quality clothes and accessories around the values and characteristics of Spanish royalty, combined with Madrid’s cultural passions and sparkly notes. Allow yourself to discover and your child to enjoy a brand truly focused not only on its creations, but also on the impact they have on their little clients.