Anoucka, a Romanian luxury brand seen in Vogue, Elle and Forbes!

We love to create pieces that further spread the story of Anoucka because this project was born from love and passion. The beauty of clothing is always given by the purity and innocence of those who wear them. The clothes are gracefully worn by the little ones who manage to deliver emotions through simple gestures. 

The name Anoucka comes from Anya, the name given to Corina Dogaru’s little girl, the founder of this children’s fashion brand. Among Corina’s first creations we mention the handmade dresses and accessories for her little girl because that’s how Anoucka’s story began.  The pieces created especially for Anya were so appreciated, that is the point where everything turned into a project dedicated to all parents who wanted to give the little ones the joy of wearing clothes made of good quality materials and unique design. 

Anoucka creations are not only for stylish little ones, they are also made for parents who appreciate sophisticate and unique pieces. From the very beginning, we set out to capture emotions and create a magical story accompanied by children. We never stopped, and the reactions were surprising. For almost five years we have created hundreds of stories with you and the most appreciated pieces of clothing and accessories.

Passion is reflected in our creations so we spread the story of Anoucka to all those who wanted to hear it. During the five years, Anoucka appeared in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Forbes, and Maisonette Kids, reaching the front pages of magazines or even covers as well as in many other internal Lifestyle and Life publications.

We continue to send these emotions and travel to this magical place with you!