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For parents, the baptising of the newborn is an emotional moment. Their little one is taking the first step towards the outside world. The first impression matters, and the clothes must be very carefully selected by their parents. The baptism is an event dedicated entirely to the baby, even if they will only enjoy it few years after, through pictures. Apart from the kit or the christening candle the clothes must be special. You don’t want to be judged by your kids for the choices you made when they grow up.

How to select suitable clothes for a christening

To the concerned parents who will be responsible with putting together a suitable outfit, you must take the following details into consideration:

  • The fabrics used to create the clothing pieces must be high quality. Natural fabrics are recommended as they provide confort. Its the babys first party so let’s not put too much pressure on them. Additionally, a newborns skin is much more sensitive in the first months of their life.
  • After considering the first advice, the aesthetic of the apparel must be brought into attention. Whether you make a bold choice or a minimalistic one, you must not forget that your baby has a story to say and you are here to make sure everybody aknowledge it through their clothing as well.

4 special outfits for boys and girls

Sophia Christening Gown

If lace is your choice for this event, you can make a more unforgettable choice for your little girl. Simple but timeless. Your young lady will get all the attention at the event, and on Instagram.

Dominique Set







What could be more exquisite than this classic set? If your event has a more glamorous theme, manually made embroidery is a perfect option. Made of 100% cotton, this is the perfect choice as it provides confort even in a special day like this one.

Ava Christening Gown

Classy long dresses are never out of fashion. They add an elegant touch to the whole event. The length of this dress makes it unique. The lace is manually attached for an elegant finish. Your little girl will shine in this dress and she will feel relaxed as well.

George Christening Set Limited Edition

For this first event dedicated to your young man, he must wear something that helps him stand out from the crowd. A shirt with a Peter Pan type of collar with little details manually sewed and short trousers with elastic waist is a very chic combination.

Whatever you choose for this special and happy day, we can be a part of it. We will gladly wait for the photos!